How To Share Your card Via Radar

Easily share your virtual card with anyone using Radar Echo or Receive any card wirelessly at the speed of sound without needing any contact information. Broadcast to anyone under a 1KM radius.

Follow the below step to use radar for sharing your card.

1. Tab the share button and select Radar Option





2. Receiver needs select receive using the Radar tab option






3. Sender needs to select send using the radar ab option







4. Select the  Radar contact  for sharing the card






5. In just one tab cards get exchanged.




Importing Contacts from FliQCard to Google Contacts

Import contacts from FliQCard to Google Contacts grants you to conveniently get to all of your contacts from the FliQCard Smart location book in Google Contacts. This guide covers how to import contacts from FliQCard to Google Contacts on the mobile application.


Importing your FliQCard smart address book to Google Contacts grants you to actually get to all of your FliQCard contacts through Google Contacts. Getting your FliqCard self-recovering address book suggests that whenever you get a digital business card (or become live contacts), that contact information will subsequently appear in your Google Contacts.

To import FliQCard contacts into Google Contacts at the first assurance that you have a FliQCard premium plan, or redesign through our esteeming page. At the point when you sign into the FliQCard mobile application, complete the following step for setting up Google Contact matching up


1. Open the network tab and choose a category that wants to import






2. Select Export & Import.




3. Export & Download the file.




4. Import to Google.




5. Select & Upload File.



6. Done! Your contacts will appear in Google Contacts




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How to add FliQCard widget on Android

Quick access and share your digital business card with the FliQCard widget for Android. Follow this guide to learn how to add a widget to your Android phone.





Share your digital business cards speedier than any time with the new FliQCard Android widget. By and by you can use the QR code widget to quickly share your card while never opening the application, right from your Home Screen.

Follow the step to add the FliQCard widget to your Android phone:



1. On your Home Screen, tap and hold an empty area. Tap Widgets.





2. Scroll down until you see FliQCard.






3. Tap and hold the FliQCard widget, and place it on your Home Screen.






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How To Customize QR Code Of Your Digital Business card

Customize your QR code by adding your logo and custom brand color. Learn how to create a personalized QR code in this step-by-step guide.

QR codes are one of the most outstanding ways to share your digital business card. They offer a fast, contactless solution for exchanging contact information. Yet again besides, with FliQCard, you never need to share a regular, off-brand black & white boring QR code again.



With FliQCard Executive,Ecom, Corporate, and corporate+ you can customize your QR code with a logo and brand color. Make your custom QR code from the iOS, Android, or web application.

How to customize your QR code on the web

1. Tap QR Code


2. Choose Your Color


3. Tap Generate QR Code


4. Get Your QR Code Download, Start sharing with your custom QR code


How to customize your QR code on mobile



1. Tap QR Code



3. Choose color 




4. Tap the Download Button



5. Select Sharing Option



6. Share Your Custom QR Code





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Digital Business Card for Realtors: Engage client And Capture More Leads

The real estate business is ready with networking opportunities. Real estate brokers & agents are utilizing digital business cards to sell more homes quicker.

Any person who is a realtor knows a realtor, or is buying and selling a house understands that one thing is beyond a doubt: real estate professionals go through business cards quicker than you can say, "delaying all prospects"!

If you're giving out 500 business cards consistently, you're likely spending upwards of $150 yearly on business cards. While business cards don't come unobtrusive, endeavoring to dispose of them as a real estate agent. So if you're looking for a predominant business card without the extreme expense tag, we deal with you. Keep on examining to sort out some way to make the best business card for realtors (for free!)

When clients save your digital business card to their phone, they are secured and centered around hearing from you again. Focus on these serious clients to convert them into your prospects.

Digital business cards help you with fostering your network faster and even more capably.

What is the best business card for realtors?

Realty is an industry that relies upon business cards, so it isn't anything surprising that realtors are reliably in the pursuit of extra strong techniques for sharing their contact information. That pursuit has finally wrapped up with the ideal business card for realtors: a digital business card. Clearly, not all exceptional business cards are made the same. Regardless, it is basic: FliQCard digital business cards are the really virtual cards in the App Store and Google Play to pick the right one. coming with the best price and exclusive features than others, FliQCard is really a Gem.

FliQCard is free, but for those requiring a more customized experience, FliQCard offers a premium digital business card Subscription. At a comparative expense of one day of your petrol, you can customize your card add awards, add banner videos, feature your properties videos, photos with details and add marketing material, and more.



For what reason should realtors utilize digital business cards?

Just a single out of each and every odd house sells itself. A portion of the time it requires some extra work. Oftentimes, it comes down to publicizing. Making the ideal flyer is for the most part troublesome, yet virtual business cards make it more clear.

Business cards will persistently exist however lengthy there is a need to exchange contact information. Regardless, we live in a digital world, and the paper business card is a reminder of the past. Automated business cards are a phenomenal decision to paper cards, especially for realtors. Here is the explanation:


1. Get more leads

Everyone you share your card with can be returned again later. Digital business cards further foster lead generation and networking since they make a high-level record of who you meet.


2. You'll save cash.

What number of business cards do you use reliably? 1,000? 15,00? You can share a digital business card as needs are, and you will not at any point pay more. You'll at positively no point at any point pay for extra cards in the future when you go digital, whether or not you update your information. Going digital you modify your card in seconds without adding costs or stand-by times.


3. Step towards Sustainability.

5,000,000 trees are cut down each time for the sole justification of making paper business cards. From deforestation to transportation of business cards to your doorway, countless gallons of water is wasted to convey paper business cards. Exactly when you change to digital, you'll have a digital business card and help the environment to sustain.



4. Edit digital cards anytime anywhere.

From transportation costs, long lead times, mistakes, and the rising cost of printing paper business cards, ordering more cards is an issue. Right, when you go digital, you will not at any point run out of cards; you can revive mistakes and old information quite promptly and never need to pay and wait for your card delivery, Stop relying on others for designing your digital business card.


5. Get more references

Your clients carry your digital business card on their phones any spot they go. Right, when they need to refer you - your digital card is one tap away.


6. You can thoroughly customize a digital business card.

Going digital doesn't mean losing the ability to adjust your card. Believe it or not, with boundless space for contact information, links, videos pictures, and more, digital cards offer more customization than standard business cards. FliQCard Executive — FliQCard most well-known plan for realtors — grants you to pick any color and choose multiple card themes for even more customization. With FliQCard Premium, you can similarly add distinguishing pieces of proof to your cards (leaning toward that later).



7. Feature or list your property pictures and videos

videos and pictures of the property make them sell quicker. You can use your digital business card as a website for featuring your properties. FliQCard - Ecom help you to upload properties details with picture and videos and get a direct inquiry regarding the particular property. 


8. You can embed video on your card.

FliQCard Premium grants you to embed any YouTube accounts clearly on your card By remembering a video for your card, potential buyers can see a home visit or walkthrough without leaving your business card.


9. You can make a video business card.

Other than the way that you consolidate might a remembered video for your business at any point card, but with FliQCard Premium, you can moreover make a video business card. This part allows you to move forward and displace your profile picture with a concise video.


10. You can upload PDFs.

Rather than printing many flyers and one-pagers, feature them with your digital business card. FliQCard Premium permits you to upload marketing material in the form of PDFs as you need to your cards so you can undoubtedly share your advertising materials and open house flyers.



11. Build your brand.

Digital business cards can be associated with your webpage, social media, calendar, listings, and more. Permit your clients to get to acknowledge you better in their own particular way.


12. You can make and manage Staff cards.

Expecting you to use paper business cards, you are sensibly limited to one business card, yet you can have a couple of digital business cards immediately. Make cards custom fitted to each posting, plan a card for your staff, and manage them by yourself.


13. Keep up with contacts.

The Rolodex became dated, and phone contact records are hard to figure out. With the FliQCard smart address book, you can use notes and tags to manage your contacts overall and manage all your contact instantly, while notes let you add any information you really want. This part is great for administering buyers, traders, and various affiliations.



14. Effectively send your card to different real estate agents.


With digital business cards, you can without a doubt manage every one of your contacts with social events, notes, and names. Manage your association of realtors successfully with bundles for every association, client, or listing. With the smart address book, you'll consistently have the choice to conveniently get to your entire network to grow relationships that can help you or a client later on.


15. Put your QR code on a "FOR SALE" sign.

Make a For Sale sign with your digital business card's QR code. Not only it can be quickly scanned as potential buyers drive by, yet your contact information will ceaselessly be remarkable.



16. Consolidate your QR code on open house flyers.

Give potential buyers a one-pager with each of the information they need. Integrate your digital business card's QR code to link with a card with all of the posting information. Adding a QR code infers you'll have more space for information about the home, and buyers will really need to get to it like a glimmer.


Should real estate professionals put their pictures on business cards?

Putting a headshot on realtor business cards is ordinary practice for certain real estate professionals. As a real estate agent, other than the way that you selling are homes, land, and designs, then again you're advancing yourself. As a real estate professional, you are your picture. We recommend recalling your picture for your business card, yet given that you do it precisely.

Settling on paper business cards can make including an image unsafe. Finding space for your information notwithstanding a picture is all troublesome, and it could hurt your case it makes the card all the more difficult to read. digital business cards will allow you to easily add a headshot without harming the intelligibility of your business card.

Should real estate professionals put their License numbers on business cards?

As a real estate agent, you should continually have your license number on your business cards. Including this permit is normal in many states and shows you are genuine and dependable. In any case, before you consolidate your license number, ensure that the name recorded on your business card is your finished name related to your license.


How do I sign to FliQCard?

If you're ready to make your digital business card, you can create an account on iOS, Android, or Desktop. To get to FliQCard free and premium, go to our pricing page to upgrade your plan.

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The Best Link in Bio Tool: How to Add Your Business Card to Instagram

Adding a link to Instagram profiles doesn't have to mean picking one link. With FliQCard, you can include multiple links for your profile for free.

The term "link in bio" has transformed into a staple of Instagram captions. Instagram simply allows a single clickable link for each profile. Hence, making the most out of that one link is important.

Taking advantage of the link in bio tools permit you to use a single link to send viewers to a landing page for multiple links, bypassing Instagram's one link rule. To grow the power of your one link, keep on examining to sort out how this link in bio tool works, which one you should use, and how you can put a link in your profile.


How link in bio tools work?

Most link in bio tools works by using a single link that sends clients to a site page that can include as many links as you want. Sadly, many of the tools are required to purchase subscriptions.



The best link in the bio tool for Instagram in 2022

While there are various tools out there like Linktree and Link Bio, our most likely link in bio tool is FliQCard. Most other link tools show unattractive terrible rectangle shapes, while FliQCard allows you to choose multiple themes and colors. You could also upload pictures and logos to make an attractive landing page. Exactly when you use FliQCard as a link in the bio tool, you make a digital business card that can include your branding, feature videos, social media profiles, marketing material, and extensively more. That card grants you to add multiple links in your Instagram bio that guides viewers to the content you choose. Not only does the FliQCard permit more adaptability than other links in bio tools, yet it's thoroughly free, regardless of the way that you can constantly climb to a digital business card subscription for premium features like a customization link and colors.


How to put a link in your Instagram bio?

Putting a FliQCard link in your profile is easy. Follow the step below to include multiple links in your Instagram bio, No matter what type of Instagram you have.


1. Create a free FliQCard account, Design and customize the card.


2. Tap To Share


3. Tap To Copy Link




4. Open Your Instagram Profile and Tap to Edit Profile



5. Tap Website and Paste The Link



6. Tap ✓  Button

15 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Guidelines for 2022

Since virtual meetings turned into the new standard, we attempted to become familiar with the do's and don'ts of Zoom together. Be that as it may, as we move further into 2022, a portion of the things we figured out how to do or not do move in 2020 have changed.

As a remote mode work standard for some organizations, keeping up with legitimate video conferencing behaviour is fundamental for the work environment. Continue to peruse to become familiar with the ongoing decorum of video meetings.


Virtual get-togethers are a mind-boggling strategy for interacting with potential outcomes, clients, partners, and associates in good ways.

Tragically, not many pay attention to virtual etiquette.

Like other mediums, there are undeniable differences between face to face meetings and online video meetings. As a result video conference etiquette are different from basic conference etiquette.

To figure out more, I have requested 15 virtual social occasion conduct decides and rules that can show helpful at whatever point you are a piece of an electronic gathering.


1. Be familiar with the software

There is so much software you can use for your virtual meeting. One of the vitally standard methods is to pick the best suitable option. Anyway, it's adequately not to have the best video conferencing software. You'll in like to have software that you and other participants can use at ease.

Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, google meet and Microsoft Teams are presumably the most notable video conferencing software today. They each have different features which make them unique.

For example, you may be requiring features like screen sharing, encryption for getting, and live clarifications. A piece of these components can be basic during your virtual meeting so you shouldn't just choose software from the blue.



2. Prepare yourself ahead

Preparing ahead is vital to avoid any last-minute rush. In case you're the host, you should send a meeting link with an arrangement to all members before the call outlining the explanation.

This will consolidate who will be accessible and any suppositions for the session. There are different email designs for this that you can go with. Enlighten members expect that decisions ought to be made during the meeting so they can design.

Moreover, before starting your video meeting, truly check your meeting software's audio and visual settings. This recuperation time was spent on particular issues during the call. Prior to the meeting, assign work since you can't do everything.

For meeting individuals, you should prepare all that you need to present ahead moreover. Thusly, you should gather and assemble the materials or information that you could need to pass across during the virtual meeting.


3. Be on time

Whether or not virtual meeting, being on time for a meeting is huge. Reliability is one of the signs of professionalism in some irregular circumstances.

As a host, for example, members will not like to relax around holding on for you to show up since they can't start without you. You should attempt to be on the line before some other individual.

For members, joining the meeting late shows you're not dependable. If it's a work meeting, you'll be passing an inadmissible message to your employees.

Sticking to time isn't about the time you join the meeting. It similarly incorporates the length and time you leave the meeting. A meeting should not be longer than arranged.


4. Dress professionally

While going to a virtual meeting, you should dress professionally. Whether or not you're in your home, you shouldn't dress casually. Dress like you were going to normal meetings.

Most people in virtual meetings and video calls only thought about what they were wearing at the top. They could get into suits regardless of all that wear shorts, As long it's not seen.

This isn't encouraging. You could get caught oblivious in any situation; like while standing up. Whether or not nobody will be seeing your jeans, for the most part, it is at this point influential to wear some.

5. Use virtual background

Virtual background can help with keeping up with the consideration on work and no interference behind you. FliQCard offers a free virtual background generator by the name of FliQ Board that grants you to make, custom, and download a redid virtual background that interfaces with your digital business card.






6. Try to avoid distraction

If you are not using a virtual background in Zoom. Distraction can destroy a video meeting. That your associates won't see you glancing through your telephone or accomplishing something on another screen doesn't mean you ought to.

Your diverted way of behaving can influence everybody. You could miss significant focus driving the host or any speaker to repeat material previously given. Attempt to keep away from interruptions and remain on track.

As a matter of some importance, switch off your telephone or put it on quiet on the off chance that you're not involved in the call. In the event that you're utilizing your telephone, switch off your PC. Close any remaining applications and program windows prior to interfacing with keep away from notices.


7. Know when to utter

It's not difficult to know who the primary speaker is at a normal meeting. In any case, in a virtual meeting where you're looking at various faces, it tends to be troublesome the meeting if there will be noises.

A significant guideline to recollect isn't to talk except if you want to. You ought to keep your audio on mute when another person is talking. That way sounds from your end won't interfere with their voices.

If it's an interactive meeting, you won't have to quiet your receiver. Simply guarantee your place is peaceful and talk just when you have something vital to contribute.


8. Speak to the camera

What you get while talking at a conference is an enraptured crowd with everybody watching you. Thus, in a virtual meeting, you should look straight at the camera, and not at the screen. On the off chance that you're not used to this, it could require a significant stretch of time to change.

On the off chance that you're not gazing at the camera and perhaps at one member participant on your screen, you will not have all the earmarks of being tending to anybody. Instruct yourself that the camera is the crowd.

Now and then, you might be talking from a note on your PC screen or in your grasp. In any case, you ought to attempt to pull together your look at the camera at whatever point you gaze upward.


9. Use keyboard-less

At the point when somebody is talking in a video meeting and individuals are typing on their keyboard to take notes or do different things, it doesn't look great.

To have discoursed that create more thoughts, gatherings expect everybody to be more mindful and intellectually present in the subject. Utilizing the keyboard might be an interruption.

Also, your fingers stirring things up around town could divert different members. To this end one of the guidelines is to utilize the keyboard-less.


10. Include Pauses

One huge part of virtual meetings is the speed they can offer. However, watch out for being excessively effective. Take a couple of pauses to be sure all participants in the meeting are on the same page or not and give time to share their thoughts in the conversation.


11. Minimize body movement

You could think since you're not seeing different members face to face so your body movement doesn't make any difference. It makes a difference a ton.

You can pass a few messages by means of non-verbal correspondence. An optimal approach is to make as little body movement as could be expected.

Continually abandoning side to side could let different members know that you're not focusing. They'll accept at least for a moment that you're diverted by something close by.


11. Test your lightning

Lighting can be precarious in most workspaces. Overhead lights could be excessively harsh, and the window situation isn't ideal 100% of the time. If conceivable, change your primary lighting source to be before you, and consider a modest ring light to further develop lighting.


12. Avoid Eating

Eating before the camera is not alright. One of the standards of utilizing a PC isn't to eat near it to try not to stuck crumbs out between the keys on your keyboard.

There are various suppositions on eating behaviour. By and by, the greater part would concur that eating during an meeting, virtual or not, is unprofessional. Attempt to keep the very ground guidelines that you would assume you were meeting face to face.

Eating could be a significant interruption most particularly on the off chance that you're in a meeting with very few members. You would feel humiliated on the off chance that you spit food on your garments or your face during a meeting.


13. Leave the meeting last

Assuming that you are the host, ensure you are the last person to leave the video call. By remaining on the call, you permit members to interface secretly once the call closes.


14. Protect sensitive information

As a general rule, you'll have to impart your screen to different members in the meeting while making a show. Your PC could contain other stuff that isn't business-related.

Showing such unseemly stuff while sharing your screen is unprofessional. Assuming that the substance is excessively improper, it could influence your standing in your organization.

Thus, on the off chance that you're sharing your screen to other gathering participants while giving a show, guarantee simply the stuff you believe they should see is shown.


15. Don't leave without informing others

Regardless of whether the gathering has finished, you can undoubtedly leave by tapping the leave button. In any case, you shouldn't apparition your members like that.

Your host could require you to share an insight or make a show. In the event that they realize you've left, they can keep you out of the discussion and thusly relegate another person to do the errands.

As referenced before, it's ideal to plan ahead so you can stay away from every conceivable interruption and interference during your meeting. Be that as it may, nobody can be 100% arranged.




Why a New Graduate Needs a Video Resume? How to Share Video Resume With Employers

A video resume permits you to talk clearly to your potential employer about what makes you uncommonly qualified for the gig. It might be a solid addition to your job application and help you to stand out from other applicants, through your personality and creative mind. In this article, we look at what a video resume is and explore how to make one that is effective and attractive and how to share that to get your dream job.

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short video for you to familiarize yourself with the employing head or enrollment specialist. It is a large part of the time submitted despite a resume and cover letter. You can use the video resume to highlight skills or experience to show you are an optimal fit for the position. It is like a manner that permits you to show how your creative mind and character are a partner in the association's lifestyle. A strong video proceed is between 30 seconds to two minutes long.


Particularly like a paper resume, you need to cover the essentials:

Likewise, above all, make sure you answer one important question: Why should they hire you?





What is the need for a video resume?


In the current digital job market, It's hard to take advantage of all technologies today because this video resume is very much important. A video resume is a fabulous technology for displaying your personality and communication skill to employers when you are looking for a job. An employer that can see your video resume will undoubtedly enrol you than those who come up with a writing resume.

A video resume isn't only useful to you anyway a like more beneficial for the companies who are looking to hire you. They can pick the right contender a ton speedier and save hiring costs which can mount up with traditional resumes. A video resume could sound simple and easy but it's not just about getting before a camera and talking. Particularly like a formed resume a good video proceed takes time, arranging and effort.

Check out some of the benefits of a video resume:-

1. Visual Representation

The best and most clear benefit is that the recruiters will see what your character is. Who you really are, which isn't precisely possible in the traditional resume. It simplifies your character to condemn, incidentally, your talk, your look, non-verbal correspondence as well as your creative mind and anything that speeds up their cycle, so it gathers together some amazing impact. The image shown here is genuinely recognizable since it's a visual depiction of yourself. So be careful of how you execute your plan in the video. There is a hairline difference between something usual but creative.



2. Complete Control

You make the video, so you have complete power over it. Besides all, your life! your rule! Use this fact for your possible advantage, introduce yourself confidently, and keep it short. Especially like a written resume, a video continues should similarly be brief and point to point. Nobody likes an hour of your speech regarding your career. A tip is to think of it as a short show, sell yourself, and do it fast!

Recruiters today at times favour video resumes over regular ones, especially in case you are in an industry where the creative mind is given a lot of importance like marketing/selling/advertising divisions, compositional firms, interior decorators, etc as it is seen to showcase their skills even more possible ways.


3. Viewer Engagement

Viewer engagement is a huge benefit of this kind of resume so reliably always maintain eye contact, this confers self-confidence and sureness in your abilities. Research about the company and record what your recruiters want to ask regarding the firm and job profile do try to answer these questions in your video resume. Another advantage here is that there are no interruptions, so questions that are trying to answer can be avoided during the quick gathering. Use this opportunity to resolve questions that will help you to shine.


How to share your video resume and contact information with employers 

Now that you’ve created your video resume, what do you do with it? 


1. Social

Remember to make your digital business card and link your video resume for showcasing on your social media account. LinkedIn and Facebook are fantastic online diversion channels to share more master information.


2. Digital business card

Add it to your digital business card. 85% of occupations are filled through networking, so including your video resume, each time you meet someone could let you open new opportunities in your career.

If you don't have a digital business card, make one for free.


3. Job Portals

Many job portals now have a field to highlight your skills in the form of a website and link. Mentioning your digital business card link with an embedded video resume will help you in getting stand out from other applicants and making it more creative.







Top 12 Proven Strategies of networking For Successful Entrepreneur

Regardless of any industry, you're in, Networking is basic to your success. The more people you know and design relationship with, the more entryways you will have in your carrier.

Traditional networking is not that fruitful. We don't have an idea to find quality connections, or we leave a networking event with a pile of traditional business cards without having any bond relationship, traditional business cards may end up in thrash. 

A digital business card is an icebreaker in networking. you actually provide digital contacts to Initiate conversation with your networks by highlighting your company detail which gets saved on their phone and let your network contact you any time for business.

Everyone has their own networking style, but there are few strategies that result in productive networking. Get to know these 12 networking skills to be a networking pro:


 1.  Do work first.

There is no magic to giving you quality, dependable contacts in a short time frame. It truly said: "You can make easy money, however, no one gets rich speedy." Having a productive network is wealth. Making a broad network won't occur out of the blue or even rapidly. You can speed things up by going and attending the right events and sharing your digital business card to initiate conversation.

 an enormous networking event for business Entrepreneurs — is to unite similar minded people. Simply going to an event won't make a network. You should in any case accomplish the work: Reach out, be social and have deal abilities. The right event can dramatically broaden your network rapidly and [you can] polish your contacts by following up regularly and keeping in contact.


2.  Set a goal.

Before starting any work, you usually know the goal, yet people often jump into networking ignoring their targets. Are you really want to get surrounded by a random number of people, Set a goal by knowing do you need to find a new investor, is there a skill you really want to learn, or do you have another goal? Finding a plausible goal is a motivation, and you can use it to really look at your progression.


3.  Participate & attend business networking events.

Do you know the best way to grow your network by attending business events? Everyone in cooperation is like there with the same mindset to expand their network, so make sure you take maximum advantage of these events. Use your digital business card to promote your brand with all the marketing material you need, and you can even use NFC sharing and RADAR at events to make sharing business cards more significant.


4.  Practice business networking

While building your own network might be the goal, recollect about networking for your business. Sort out some way to the business networking to help your entire brand.


5.  Be active on social media

Social media is more than negligent scrolling — it's an amazing spot to attract others and grow your network. Follow same minded people and engage with their content. Don't just like and scroll. Leave comments and be a part of the conversation.



6.  Know your importance

Networking needs confidence. You should know how to offer yourself and your brand to others. Know what your character is and what your importance is before heading into a networking conversation.


7.  Keep a positive attitude

people usually stay away from other people who offer negative remarks. It cuts the mindset down, and people tend not to trust cynics. So avoid negativity and focus on the positive.


8.  Always be prepared

Don't get stuck in the conversation with a blank situation. Have two or three ice breakers on hold so you can constantly be ready to keep the conversation streaming.


9.  Value relationship

Networking isn't about the number of people in your contacts list. It's making a deeper connection with others. So don't see people as just another phone number in your contacts. Get to know them, come out as comfortable with their targets, sort out some common interests, and show that you regard their time.


10.  Add value

While making networking, people need to know how you can help them. So know your value, and deal with it. For example, could you say you are significantly skilled in an exceptional field and do you have a great network to communicate with? Your value could feel minimal if you are fresher or just starting your carrier, yet it may be conclusively the thing someone else is looking for.


11.  Good follow-up

What is the importance of a new connection if you never do a follow-up? Make sure to as frequently as conceivable follow up with new contacts. We recommend reaching out once a quarter. Use most multi-purpose software for business which provide CRM to manage your contact by putting tags note and by setting followup.


11.  Continue networking

Networking isn't just a single event. It's a long task. Other than the way that you continue should follow up, you should moreover keep on making new connections. Network continually.


TRY FliQCard

7 Best Networking Skills To Be A Successful Entrepreneurs

You realize that networking is to your greatest advantage and that it can open up numerous doors, be then professional, social, or individual.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that they would never have gained their level of headway without their Network. Since a successful network isn't just about what you know, it's similarly about who you know.

Growing your network as an entrepreneur can dishearten. Whether you are new to the business world, a piece tentative, or fighting with powerlessness to embrace achievement, it could have all the earmarks of being more direct to skip sorting out. However, as most entrepreneurs know, that isn't what is happening.

Thinking about what those abilities may be (and the way that you can learn them)? That is exactly the very thing we'll cover in this article!


1. Active Listening 

Active listening is very much important.

The activity involves giving the furthest thought to what the speaker is referring to, returning again to making sense of inquiries that were significant and crucial, and being sure you got the exemplification of the conversation.

Here is the explanation of why active listening is important for networking:

Imagine, for example, you're at a networking event having a conversation with a job recruiter.

Expect you to keep scanning the room, looking down at your phone, and just giving the recruiter a nod to making them feel

fee like you're tuning in, they're not inclined to share with you about arranged work positions. Moreover, in the event that they don't feel shocked by you pronouncing to tune in and do discuss open positions, you in all likelihood will not be paying attention.


2. Communication Skills

Communication is, in case you ask us, the main networking capacity.

You can be engaging, wise, skilled, and shrewd, and it would be all around very much if you can't actually talk with people.

Accordingly, while you're putting together, know about the habits in which you convey, speak with others, and even tackle issues and discussions that could come up during the conversation.

This includes your way of communicating in, the language you use, and, shockingly, your urgency to talk over others. These are the things which can make or break your networking.


3. Determination

In any case kind of business you are starting, there will be a couple of difficulties along the way. It will in general be quite easy to lose force during problematic minutes, yet pushing through those troublesome minutes is the most effective way to gain accomplishment. To be sure, even the greatest associations on earth had their hardships, but at this point, their determination helped them with achieving importance.


4. Passion

Without passion, enthusiasm can feel unlimited. As an entrepreneur, feeling energy for your thing and its future is essential. In case you are trying to stay aware of your consistency, stop briefly to consider what made you so certain about this idea? What made you seek after it, and what drove you to this point?


5. Confidence

If you will go to a spot stacked with strangers to set in stone to make create professional and social networks. then, you definitely need confidence!

As a mastery, confidence describes how sure you are about what you say, what you do (or expect to do), and your decisions.

As of now, if you're not ordinarily certain, practice your confidence by doing a part of the going with:

keep eye contact with the speaker.
Talk in a welcoming tone.
Prepare something to discuss early with the objective that you don't lurch on your words. Clearly, this depends upon the assumption for your networking (e.g.if you will speak with a specific determination delegate, you'll have to get some data about the association, workplace environment, etc.)



6. Emotional Intelligence

its ability to see the value in people on a more profound level suggests the ability to handle, use, and supervise both your and others' sentiments.

With respect to networking, emotional intelligence highly matters because (particularly like much else that influences people), the cycle is similarly emotional.

Imagine, for example, having a 10-minute conversation with a person or an event. They couldn't verbally say anything, yet you can decide by their enthusiasm to give you their business card, best when it comes to a digital business card to make your contact directly save in their phone and their contact to be saved in your phone. or their suggestion to do follow up with your via other modes in your card like mail, that you laid out an association.



7. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is more than character traits: it's a disposition and a mindset.

If you go networking with a positive mindset, you will not be dissuaded in case a conversation with a potential future professional contact doesn't go as planned, then again on the off chance that the gathering building event with your new colleague doesn't go unequivocally the manner by which you were hoping.

Plus, an inspiring viewpoint for the most part comes coordinated with positive reasoning. Networking wise makes it easier for people to push toward you and maybe build constructive relations.

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11 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Business card

Your business card is your contacting card. It should be an instrument that will get people to review you and contact you for business. Nevertheless, accepting your business card is incapably arranged, has critical contact information in questionable text styles, or looks crude it will be trivial. Be sure your card truly locks in for you by avoiding these 11ordinary business card messes up.

A business card is one of the most critical and smart displaying instruments a business has. It helps people with reviewing you after they return from a social occasion, and it gives them a technique for contacting you later on. Smart business cards let your clients look at your card and move your contact information to their phone and paper card scanner applications for smartphones let you save their paper card contact into digital form, Anyway over and over, small businesses organizations commit blunders in their business cards that hold the card back from laying out an extraordinary association. For instance, if there's a good open door that expects the look and nature of your card are horrible or crude, it may be thrown into the waste.

You shouldn't worry about being a specialist organizer to compose a fair business card. You can make it a feasible promoting instrument by avoiding this typical business card messing up.


1. Incomplete Contact Information

We in all understand that a business card is minimal in size. Taking everything into account, it continues to be a useful and solid exhibiting tool allowing you to interact with potential outcomes, customers, clients, and individual business owners, all while promoting your Brand.

Before you start envisioning the details of your new business card design, (colors, text, features, etc) guarantee you consider including the most indispensable information:


  • Full Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Title/Specialization or Job Title
  • Association Address (If you have a real region to visit)
  • Website
  • Email Contact
  • Phone Number (include company number, landline, Whatsapp)
  • Online Social Handles


2. Spelling blunders

According to the review, Most business owners decided to avoid business with an organization because of grammatical and spelling mistakes on their business cards. Twofold check your business card for spelling botches prior to sharing it with prospect clients.

3. Outdated Information

Expecting your phone number, email, or address change, yet your business card doesn't reflect that, how should people find your business? Outdated information isn't simply perplexing — it's completely unprofessional.

Endeavour digital business cards if you could manage without doling out each time you need to invigorate your information. It is free to revive your information, you can update your information as necessary, and live contacts will consistently acknowledge your revived information.


4. Not Providing a Unique Selling Proposition

Various associations miss the astounding possibility of utilizing their business card to their full advancing potential. Your card should state something like one very impressive clarification a client should work with you; i.e., An auto organization local area's business card that examines partially, "complete auto-fixes" and "all work totally guaranteed," lets people know that the centre handles a wide scope of fixes, and manufactures trust by referring to the confirmation.

5. Low-Quality Image And Videos

With the idea of cameras today, there is certainly not a valid justification for a dim picture or video on your business card.

6. Unprofessional Profiles

While including the social media links on your digital business card is something you should do, promise you to pick the right ones. Association with your business profiles, and guarantee any confidential records are reasonable to grant to business affiliations.

7. Choosing the Wrong Theme Design According To Your Business Brand

Select the theme design wisely while designing a business card. the perfect logo location and the colour combination should be according to your brand.

Choose an e-commerce template for your e-commerce business so that you can receive direct leads and a simple theme for building networks.

8. A Residential Address

Sharing your business region is excellent, It will let your customer visit your physical location directly whether it's a shop, restaurant or any service providing area. yet consider neglecting your all-out area and accepting that you resolve your home. instead of just, listing the city or state.

9. Boring black and white

Simple Black and white card seem boring and are multiple times bound to be thrown than attractive colourful cards. Add a variety to make your card really thrilling and memorable.

10. Not Posting Business Name Clearly

A surprising number of business cards don't clearly list the business name. Make Sure your business name is recorded front and centre so people can scan without a doubt see your picture. Additionally, recall, that a logo is commonly not an undeniable depiction of your business name.

11. Not Using Call-To-Action

Whenever you hand somebody a business card, you truly want to believe that they will follow through with something, like gathering with you once more or maybe buying something from your business. Make the reason for your business card clear. Direct them to your site, making save your contact directly or incorporate a schedule connect to set up a meeting for the future.



How To Design a Digital Business Card In Android

Digital business cards are turning out to be progressively normal they're reasonable, manageable, and totally sustainable. The most awesome aspect? They never run out, so you won't ever have to arrange more.

There are various free digital business card applications accessible on Android. FliQCard is one of them-with FliQCard, you can make a digital business card in practically no time and offer your card to anybody, regardless of whether they have the application.

In the event that you're searching for an all the more harmless to the ecosystem and tech-forward business card arrangement, follow these nine stages to make an advanced business card on Android:


1. Download FliQCard from the Google Play Store





FliQCard is totally free. Once you download the app, you can start making your digital business cards.


2. Sign Up For FliQCard.


3. Set Theme For Your Business Card.





4. Manage your card with more information and click save.


5. Choose and update the colors.



6. Upload banner image/ banner, Logo and profile picture.



7.  Share & Exchange Your card With Everyone.


Remember, you can share your digital business card with anyone, even if they don’t have the app!

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Are You Still Using Paper Business card? 8 Reasons why you need digital business card

Printed business cards have an exquisite appeal to them. In any case, digital business cards enjoy a lot more benefits. Here's the reason you ought to think about exchanging.

Before, despite everything in some cases today, experts and business people shared their contact data by means of printed business cards. However, as advanced innovation develops and nearly everybody has a web-based presence, it simply checks out to have a digital business card too.

Yet, what exactly is a digital business card? Furthermore, what does it truly do? Peruse on and investigate why you ought to have a digital business card prepared to impart to your business.

What are digital business cards?

Digital business cards are the electronic variant of a paper business card. A couple of advanced business card applications permit you to make and customize your cards and are frequently allowed to utilize them. Digital business cards are more effectively available and shareable than conventional paper cards.

If you are looking to try a digital card, we suggest FliQCard. FliQCard is a digital business card application for people and groups and offers free application and premium digital business card memberships. FliQCard additionally incorporates a few other systems administration highlights, such as downloadable QR codes, email signatures, virtual background for online meetings, paper card scanners and many more.

1. Sharing contact information quick and convenient.

The essential reason we have business cards is to share data. Before, this was finished with printed calling cards, where all you needed to do was to fish yours out from your front pocket or card transporter and hand it to somebody.

While giving out your card is a fast cycle, there's likewise the gamble that the other individual might lose it. Moreover, your card will most likely end up in a heap of other business cards and it slipped being's mind. All things considered, assuming they need something, their first nature would presumably be to get their telephone and Google it.

Previously, for sharing business cards, you must be physically present to share and get cards. FliQCard business card application gives a consistent method for imparting contact data to anybody from a protected distance. With FliQCard, you can make and share your digital card with anybody for free, regardless of whether they have the application. (You could in fact share your business card over an online meeting!)

2. Digital business cards are germs-free.

For many of us, the pandemic drew out our inward germaphobe. Advanced cards totally contact-free; no physical exchange is required. Sharing digital business cards with somebody lessens microbe openness. (Far and away superior, you don't need to be close to somebody to share advanced business cards.)



3. Digital business cards are always updated.

One more benefit of digital business cards is that you can quickly refresh and update your data without printing new ones. On the off chance that you have a FliQCard for your digital business card and you need to make urgent improvements, you can do that from your phone, and it will update every one of the contacts who have your card saved in your contact address book.

4. Digital cards are better for the environment.

Did you have any idea that more than 7,000,000 trees are chopped down for paper business cards every year? Furthermore, with 90% of paper business cards discarded right away, that is a ton of squandered paper. Computerized cards produce no waste and diminish your carbon impression.


5. Scan paper cards with your digital business card app.

In case somebody attempts to give you a paper card, you don't need to have to turn it down. A couple of business card applications serve as a business card scanner, so considerately request that the individual hold up their card and afterwards utilize your telephone to check it.

Fliqcard paper card scanner grabs the data of the paper card and u can edit that information and save that to your phone and contact address book.


6. FliQCard digital business card help you in expanding strong networking.


digital business cards can accomplish more than paper cards at any point could. With a free FliQCard digital business card membership, you can utilize your card to make proficient email signatures and make a virtual background for Zoom or meet. You can likewise download your card's QR code and print it on any showcasing or deals guarantee.



 7. Digital business cards are perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Digital business cards remove the issue of requesting new paper business cards each time a representative joins your group or whenever somebody's data changes. FliQCard for Corporate is a device for gatherings of at least five individuals where you can midway make, make due, and circulate digital business cards for your whole group.



8. Digital business card Cost-Effective.

While many actually placed a premium on carefully printed business cards nowadays, they're very costly to keep up with. Each time you hand your card to a contact, you're paying for it-all things considered, you need to pay for the card as well as the printer.

What's more terrible is that when you make changes in your subtleties, your present cluster of it is nullified to calling cards. So assuming you move workplaces, get another expert telephone number, or get advanced, you'll presumably need to get another arrangement of cards. Be that as it may, assuming you have an advanced business card, all you really want is to do is make a couple of alters to the subtleties, and you're all set.

You don't need to go to the printers and solicitation another cluster of cards. just by digital business card app, you can do multiple changes multiple times.


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