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Set up your entire team or organization with corporate and corporate plus+ digital business cards.

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Why Digital Business Cards

FlIQCard Business is the leading solution for digital business cards. We offer professional and customizable digital cards, suitable for teams and organizations of any size.

Digital Business card are beneficial for you in every prospect

- Go Contact less

- Cost Effective

- Reduce your carbon footprint

- Maintain and updated contact address book

- Card performance analytics

Cut your business card expenses by going digital. Whenever an employee gets promoted or changes department, no compelling reason to arrange new business cards. FliQCard for corporate and corporate plus+ gives you ongoing command over your group's cards, and they can be update or modified whenever.

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Simple Card Sharing

FliQCard works across all Devices and your corporate digital business cards can be sent and imparted to anybody, not necessary receiver to have an app. Cards can be shared via

- QR code

- Email

- Text

- social media

- Radar

FliQCard QR codes can be downloaded and use on any marketing and promotional materials and they will always link back to your card, as long as it remains live

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Team Management

card img

Save Money

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Trach and Analyze

card img

Save Trees


Administrative Control

In corporate and corporate plus+ Using an administrative dashboard, Admin can give multiple administrator control as a semi admin as a department wise or the way they want. Being as an admin or semi admin you will have direct insight and control over your teams’ digital business cards.

after switching the centralize feature from admin panel Employees will not be able to edit their cards without going through the company’s administrator, Admin can manage their staffs and check their card analytics and the attendance of an employee. ensuring a controlled and consistent brand experience.

Corporate Staff List

FliQCard Business gives visibility into all the business connections that your organization creates. There's no requirement for deals, showcasing, and HR to have different contact data sets, so centralize your every contact with one, simple to-utilize Staff list. Every time new staff het enrolled, their credential get generate in FliQCard via admin, Information get directly into the corporate staff list. allowing you to retain contacts indefinitely

You can search the staff’s department wise and get the information of desire staff of your organization. Creation of card date Color change notification helps you to notify the recent changes done in that card.


Easy Corporate and corporate plus+ Account Setup

After signing up for FliQCard corporateplus+, you can begin creating personalized virtual business cards for each member of your team. For medium and large enterprise companies, we offer a smooth onboarding service with the live demo with guidelines to use at an additional cost.

Features get in corporate plus+ plan.

- Create unlimited digital business card

- Customize card

- Premium Themes

- Custom QR code

- Admin control over staffs cards and analytics

- Radar sharing


- Staff attendance management

- Onboarding assistance and premium support


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