Live Update Address Book

Whenever you share your digital business card, your new contact's information get save to your FliQCard Address Book, so you can review who you meet.

Free contact manager.

FliQCard live address book is your free personal and professional CRM. Viably track your contacts with a timeline and date who you met and we'll even send you a reminder to follow up.


Live Contacts

The time when you share & exchange digital business cards with another FliQcard customer, you become Live Contacts. This infers you'll perpetually have each other's latest information in your live address books.


FliQCard Contact Groups

Your contacts are subsequently organized into groups considering which digital business card they get. You can similarly customize your own group, so you can conveniently organize your contacts considering where they fit in your life.

Set Contact follow-up

Manage your receive card and share card contact data by categorizing it and creating group. Set a follow-up and get the reminder from FliQCard on desire date.


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