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FOR ZOOM, MICROSOFT TEAMS, AND GOOGLE MEET Show your digital business card's QR code on a virtual background during Zoom*, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet calls to viably share your card just by using FliQ – Board.

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The future of meetings is digital.

Working remotely enjoys many advantages, yet sometimes it's easy to neglect to recall you have individual and master brand presence to stay aware of during personal/ Professional meeting.

With Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet online meeting ending up being more overwhelming than some other time in late memory, we in all need a direct method for showing our picture, and have a technique for sharing our business cards in video meeting. Thusly, we made FliQ - Board virtual background for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.


Professional, customize virtual backgrounds.

Exactly when you make a FliQ - Board, your digital business card is link to the background of your choice. Use one of our photographs or move your own-it's reliant upon you. After you add your experience to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, your information will be shown conveniently, allowing you to continue with your meeting with investor, clients, or customers easily.


Brand presence is important

FliQ - Board are simple & efficient. Your logo, name, title, and company will be displayed in the upper gave corner to drive home your master picture, and down to that FliQCard Logo. Anyone on the video call who focuses their phone's camera at your QR code will have access your full digital business card.


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